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With more than 15 months of market history, the MyNAMS Profit Planners and Business Accelerators have become the backbone for building systems for many of their community members. Each package is specific to a single topic and covered in depth with only the tools that help each member create a system to improve their business efforts.
Those tools include:
  • Package delivered monthly
  • Special report topic overview
  • Workbook to create the system
  • Checklist to make sure no steps are missed
  • Tools & Resources to jump start the learning curve
  • Infographic to keep close for key reference and share
Let’s take a look at the details of what you will get inside the package:
  • Affiliate Marketing Cash
  • New Leads Blueprint
  • WordPress Starter Kit
  • Hot Profitable Niches
  • Blogging Like a Pro
  • Autoresponder Money Machine
  • Dump Your Day Job
  • Beyond 9 to 5
  • Coaching Profits
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